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  • Maryland Music Awards 2016

    The 2016 Maryland Music Awards are on the way, and Jayslow Entertainment is happy to be a part of it… On Friday, May 13, 2016 some of Maryland’s greatest musicians […]

  • M.I.L.Fest wants to thank you.

    M.I.L.Fest 2015 was a success, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to every company, band, fan, staff member and other affiliates who helped support the fest and […]

  • Frozen Harbor Music Festival is back for 2015.

    The Frozen Harbor Music Festival is a 2-day festival that consists of 125 acts on nine stages in the heart of Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor. This year’s fest will take […]

  • Survival Of The Sickest live @ M.I.L.Fest 2014…

    As we begin work on the 2015 Maryland Independent Label Fest, we wanted to give you a look back at one of the 2014 M.I.L.Fest performers. So, sit back and […]

  • Local Music Maryland Gets local with M.I.L.Fest.

    Local Music Maryland gives their thoughts about the up coming 8th annual Maryland Independent Label Fest. Click “Here” to see what they say about this year’s M.I.L.Fest.

  • One World Pool does a little M.I.L.Fest talk.

    One World Pool released some information on this year’s Maryland Independent Label Fest during an interview with Jayslow. Click “Here” to read the article.

  • M.I.L.Fest 2014 is almost here…

    This year is going to make the last 7 years want to work harder…   Be sure to join the Official Maryland Independent Label Fest Facebook Page, and don’t forget […]

  • Mark the date for the 8th annual Maryland Independent Label Fest! That’s right, the M.I.L.Fest is back for 2014 to celebrate our 8th year running. This is a 21 and […]

  • Tuesday Teardown Frozen Harbor Episode

    Pirate Rob calls in with some talks about the Frozen Harbor Fest as we prepare for our biggest weekend of the winter. Check out “THIS EPISODE” of the Tuesday Teardown. […]

  • Ding Fries are Done!

    Jayslow woke up with an idea in his head for the holidays, so this was born. Peter Griffin singing “Ding, Fries are Done” to the tune of “Carrol of The […]