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  • 10th annual Maryland Independent Label Fest

    Ten years is a success with the Maryland Independent Label Fest…

    THANKS FOR TEN AMAZING YEARS…      Ten years seems like a long time, yet it also seems like just yesterday that I was taking some simple black and white […]

  • The Maryland Independent Label Fest celebrates ten years…

    The ten year anniversary of the M.I.L.Fest will be held at the Fish Head Cantina in Arbutus Maryland on Saturday, August 27th.    More information is on the way as […]

  • Maryland Music Awards 2016

    The 2016 Maryland Music Awards are on the way, and Jayslow Entertainment is happy to be a part of it… On Friday, May 13, 2016 some of Maryland’s greatest musicians […]

  • M.I.L.Fest wants to thank you.

    M.I.L.Fest 2015 was a success, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to every company, band, fan, staff member and other affiliates who helped support the fest and […]

  • Denafest on hold until 2016

    We are sorry to announce that the Denafest will not be happening this year. Founding members have decided to to take a year off to revamp the event. “So after […]

  • M.I.L.Fest marks 9 years in a row for 2015…

    The Maryland Independent Label Fest is on it’s way for the 9th year in a row. Join us on Saturday, July 25th 2015 as we celebrate local talent in a […]

  • M.I.L.Fest… a plan to make a plan.

    Planning for the 9th annual Maryland Independent Label Fest has begun! Jayslow Entertainment is proud to announce that the 2015 Maryland Independent Label Fest is in the works and on […]

  • The Voice gives Denafest a voice.

    The Pasadena Voice gave some insight to this year’s Denafest.   Check out the article “Here“.  

  • Shockwave Magazine celebrates M.I.L.Fest with August issue.

    Shockwave magazine helped us celebrate the 8th year of the Maryland Independent Label Festival by creating the M.I.L.Fest edition of their August issue. Click on the image above, or go […]

  • More than just a rapper, more than just FREEstate.

    Robert McFreshington aka Fresh Competition, rapper/owner of FREEstate Workshop has been a hard working part of the Maryland community for many years. With catchy tunes and fashionable apparel, Fresh and […]