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  • M.I.L.Fest marks 9 years in a row for 2015…

    The Maryland Independent Label Fest is on it’s way for the 9th year in a row. Join us on Saturday, July 25th 2015 as we celebrate local talent in a […]

  • M.I.L.Fest… a plan to make a plan.

    Planning for the 9th annual Maryland Independent Label Fest has begun! Jayslow Entertainment is proud to announce that the 2015 Maryland Independent Label Fest is in the works and on […]

  • Survival Of The Sickest live @ M.I.L.Fest 2014…

    As we begin work on the 2015 Maryland Independent Label Fest, we wanted to give you a look back at one of the 2014 M.I.L.Fest performers. So, sit back and […]

  • Shockwave Magazine celebrates M.I.L.Fest with August issue.

    Shockwave magazine helped us celebrate the 8th year of the Maryland Independent Label Festival by creating the M.I.L.Fest edition of their August issue. Click on the image above, or go […]

  • Local Music Maryland Gets local with M.I.L.Fest.

    Local Music Maryland gives their thoughts about the up coming 8th annual Maryland Independent Label Fest. Click “Here” to see what they say about this year’s M.I.L.Fest.

  • Rodney Henry joins M.I.L.Fest

    Rodney Henry from Dangerously Delicious Pies brings the Cold-Cold Heartbreakers in from Detroit to play the 8th annual Maryland Independent Label Festival on Saturday, August 9th @ Fish Head Cantina. […]

  • Mark the date for the 8th annual Maryland Independent Label Fest! That’s right, the M.I.L.Fest is back for 2014 to celebrate our 8th year running. This is a 21 and […]

  • Maryland Independent Label Festival 2013

    The 7th annual Maryland Independent Label Festival is on the way! Seven years strong! Still rocking and still just $10! How do we do it? We just don’t know. What […]

  • M.I.L.Fest 2013 is Saturday, July 27!

    Plan to attend this year’s M.I.L.Fest, and don’t forget to sign up for the M.I.L.F Bikini Contest while you are there. M.I.L.F Bikini Contest is sponsored by Artworx Tattoo’s. 1st […]

  • Tsunami Rising – Live @ M.I.L.Fest 2012

    Tsunami Rising – Slitting Your Wrists With a Competitive Edge (Live) @ M.I.L.Fest(Maryland Independent Label Fest 2012. Video thanks to Payne Innovation.