Maryland Independent Label Fest(M.I.L.Fest) 2014

8th annual M.I.L.Fest
Mark the date for the 8th annual Maryland Independent Label Fest! That’s right, the M.I.L.Fest is back for 2014 to celebrate our 8th year running.

This is an all day concert event brought to you by Jayslow entertainment. Food, Drinks, Games, Prizes, Art, Tattoo’s, vendors, 50/50 raffle, bikini contest and more all topped off with some of the greatest unsigned artists on two stages all for just $10.
Wear your bikini and sun block, This is an indoor/outdoor all weather event.
Flying Dog M.I.L.Fest

MILFest 2014
All ages until 9pm. 21 and over after 9pm
This year’s M.I.L.Fest will be held on Saturday, August 9th from 12pm-2am at Fish Head Cantina in Arbutus Maryland.

Maryland Independent Label FestMaryland Independent Label Fest 2014
Hosted by Dawn of the Underground.
Tattoo’s all day and night by Artworx Tattoo’s.

Hot M.I.L.F Bikini Contest sponsored by Artworx Tattoo’s


Hot M.I.L.F Bikini Contest prizes…

1st place – $100 cash and $100 gift certificate to Artworx Tattoo’s

2nd place – $75 cash and $75 gift certificate to Artworx Tattoo’s

3rd place – $50 cash and $50 gift certificate to Artworx Tattoo’s

This year’s acts are…


Cold-Cold Heartbreakers

Bond & Bentley



Scarred and Dangerous Thrill Show

Enemy At The Gate

Driftwood Renegades

MR. irrelevant

The Solicitors

Tommy McGee Band

Professional Victim

Over Our Eyes

Up County Band


Leo & Cygnus

Captain Suckerpunch

Fire in Elysium

Survival of the Sickest

Wise Eyes

Shane Davis


Sponsored by:

Jayslow Entertainment

Fish Head Cantina

1Koast Entertainment

Artworks Tattoo’s

Playback Audio

Flying Dog Brewery

Valletta Photography

Dangerously Delicious Pies

Dawn of the Underground

Tuesday Teardown

Slow Thinkin Apparel

Local Music Maryland



Moonshine Media

Tito Juice

FREEstate Workshop

RNS 3 Photography

Vapor Villa

The Curioso Podcast

Shockwave Magazine

1710 Percussion

A Loose Reality Inc

Payne Innovation

Don’t forget to check out and join the “M.I.L.Fest Facebook event Page
And be sure to check out and like the official Maryland Independent Label Fest Facebook page to keep up with updates all year long.

Keep an eye out for more information as we gear up for this year’s fest.
For information on how to become a vendor or a sponsor for this year’s M.I.L.Fest, please send an email to [email protected]

Set times and stages for M.I.L.Fest 2014(may be subject to change)

Check out the “Events” page at for more information.

Cold Cold Heartbreakers 50mins 1am-150am Pavilion Stage

Tommy McGee Band 35mins 1220am-1255am Artworx Stage

Bond & Bentley 45mins 1130pm-1215am Pavilion Stage

Over Our Eyes 30mins 1055pm-1125pm Artworx Stage

Wise Eyes 35mins 1015pm-1050pm Pavilion Stage

Professional Victum 35mins 935pm-1010pm Artworx Stage

Scarred & Dangerous Thrill Show 25mmins 905pm-930pm Artworx Stage

Hot M.I.L.F Bikini Contest 15mins 850pm-905pm Artworx Stage

Driftwood Renigades 30mins 815pm-845pm Pavilion Stage

Survival of the sickest 30mins 740pm-810pm Artworx Stage

Enemy at the Gate 30mins 705pm-735pm Pavilion Stage

Feedback 30mins 630pm-7pm Artworx Stage

McFreshington 30mins 555pm-625pm Pavilion Stage

Pasadena 45mins 505pm-550pm Artworx Stage

Solicitors 35mins 425pm-5pm Pavilion Stage

Skribe 30mins 350pm-420pm Artworx Stage

Up County Band 30mins 315pm-345pm Pavilion Stage

Mr. Irrelevant 30mins 240pm-310pm Artworx Stage

Fire In Elysium 30mins 205pm-235pm Pavilion Stage

Shane Davis 25mins 135pm-2pm Artworx Stage

Leo & Cygnus 25mins 110pm-135pm Artworx Stage

Captain suckerpunch 20mins 1250pm-110pm Artworx Stage

Gates at noon. All ages til 9pm, 21 and older after 9pm.
$10 advance through bands, $12 at doors.
Sign up for Bikini contest on site day of event.

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