Frozen Harbor Music Fest 2016

Frozen Harbor Music Fest 2016
.Frozen Harbor Music Festival is a 2-day festival that consists of 160 acts on ten stages in the heart of Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor.
2016 Frozen Harbor Miusic Fest 2016
Rams Head Live, an 1,800 person venue, will play center stage for Frozen Harbor Music Festival. It will be accompanied by nine other venues, including Baltimore Soundstage, Angel’s Rock Bar, Luckies Tavern, Tin Roof, PBR, Mosaic, Mex, Luckies Liquors and Leinenkugels Biergarten.

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frozen harbor 2016 redmanfrozen harbor 2016 ballyhoofrozen harbor 2016 black angel downfrozen harbor skribefrozen harbor 2016 stacked like pancakesfrozen harbor 2016 pages and poetsfrozen harbor 2016 chin yer and that planetfrozen harbor 2016 lovebettiefrozen harbor 2016 shawn owen bandfrozen harbor 2016 zflfrozen harbor 2016 jenn grinelsfrozen harbor 2016 bong hits for jesusfrozen harbor 2016 zarnifrozen harbor 2016 wesley spanglerfrozen harbor 2016 wise eyesfrozen harbor 2016 nikki briar

Frozen Harbor 2016 performing artists are…

Redman aka Reggie Noble
Jenn Grinels
Bumpin Uglies
Spiritual Rez
The Grilled Lincolns
Bond & Bentley
Oogee Wawa
Higher Education
Frankie Goodrich
Wise Eyes
Sweet Leda
Black Angel Down
Billy Lyve & Ill Luck
Rebel Nation
Chin-yer & That Planet
Mighty I
Yeah Son
G. Finesse & Black Eagle
Giada J.
The Driftwood Renegades
Changing Scene
Sound Makers Union
Modern Nomad
Wesley Spangler
Nikki Briar
Jocelyn Faro & The Ragazzi
Against Better Judgement
The Shawn Owen Band
Milton J & the Leftovers
The Never Ending Fall
The Tommy McGee Band
The Slow Surrender
Knolly Moles
Survival of The Sickest
Zero For Life
The Dirty Grass Players
Heavy Sight
Leo & Cygnus
Medusa Disco
Michelle McTierney
The Splinters
The Strange Heat
Blank Point Method
Troll Tribe
Angela Charles
Part One Tribe
The Cornerstone
Fast As Lightning
Quinton Randall
Bong Hits For Jesus
8 ohms
Loose Ties
Stacked Like Pancakes
Supper Break String Band
Black Dog Alley
Late Risers
Underlined Passages
The Splinters
Yours Ever Truly
The Haoles
Eastern Electric
The Control
Brianna Lauren
From Nothing
Through The Wake
Fatally Yours
Silence In Requiem
Raven Tree
Trouble In Tokyo
Fake Flower, Real Dirt
Through The Wake – double check
From Nothing – double check
Arkhaven – double check
Shoddy Gazoody
Ms. Sara
Stacked Like Pancakes
Anthony Frijia
Zen Czars
Big Virginia Sky
Samurai Pizza Cats
Michael K.
Higher Hands
Chess Club Romeos
Brody Kean
Josh Kachura
Black Cat Habitat
The Old Part of Town
Chess Club Romeos
The Slow Lights
Pages & Poets

(All acts are updated frequently and are subject to change)
You can purchase advance one day, and two day passes from by clicking “Here“.


Click here for Frozen Harbor Music Fest 2016 set times

Don’t forget to book a hotel room early to ensure a comfortable and safe weekend.
Holiday Inn Express Downtown Baltimore on Gay St.
Use this number and tell them you are with the Frozen Harbor group
(410) 400-8045

In addition to your room that has a microwave, a refrigerator, TV, complimentary WIFI and the most comfortable beds you’ll ever sleep on you will receive complementary breakfast, complimentary shuttle that will take you anywhere and back within a 1 mile radius of the hotel and a friendly knowledgeable staff. $15 per day on lot parking

The complimentary breakfast is: pancakes, scrambled/ hard boiled eggs, bacon, turkey sausage, biscuits and sausage gravy, cold cereals, oatmeal w/ choice of raisins, honey, walnuts, bagels, toast, cream cheese, butter, jellys, blueberry/banana nut/ cheesecake muffins, a variety of yogurts, apples, bananas, oranges, juice, coffee, tea and hot chocolate


frozen harbor 2016 schedule

You can also follow Frozen Harbor on the “Frozen Harbor Facebook Page“, or at

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Performing acts, prices, times and other information are subject to change without notice.

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