Denafest 2014


Denafest is back for 2014!!


9th annual Denafest
This year’s event will be at Bamboo Bernie’s! Festivities will run from 12pm -8pm outside and then pick back up inside at 9pm!! For vendor or band information please contact [email protected]

This year’s Denafest will be held at Bamboo Bernie’s, 8359 Baltimore Annapolis BLVD Pasadena Maryland on Saturday, August 30th from 12pm-2am

We are planning the event way ahead of time to insure this is one of our biggest turnouts ever!! Check this amazing lineup of bands already committed!

Bond & Bentley
The Grilled Lincolns
86 The Effort
Billy Lyve
Sweet Leda
Fake Flowers, Real Dirt
Wise Eyes
Minlus & McCracken
Fresh Competition
Driftwood Renegades
Scarborough Thrill Show
The Tommy McGee Band
Crash Lincoln Dynasty
Mr. Irrelevant
Troll Tribe
John Ernst
Blonde Armadillo
Anthony Frijia
Shane Davis


Set times:

Main Stage A
11:30 Artherius (25 mins)
12:30 The Tommy Mcgee Band (25 mins)
1:30 Fake Flower Real Dirt (25 mins)
2:15 The Grilled Lincolns (25 mins)
3:20 86 The Effort (25 mins)
4:35 Sweet Leda (25 mins)
5:30 Bond & Bentley ( mins)
6:20 Pasadena (40 mins)

Main Stage B
12:00 Segura (20 mins)
1:05 Scarred and Dangerous Trill Show (20 mins)
2:50 Billy Lyve (25 mins)
4:00 Fresh Competition (25 mins)
5:05 Minlus & McCracken w/ Jade Fox (25 mins)

1;30 Anthony Frijia (30 Mins)
2:40 John Ernst (30 mins)
3:20 Shane Davis (30 mins)
4:00 Troll Tribe (30 mins)
4:40 Driftwood Renegades (30 mins)
7:00 Blonde Armadillo (30 mins)
7:45 Mr. Irrelevent (30 mins)
8:30 Crash Lincoln Dynasty (30 mins)
9:15 Skribe (40 Mins)
10:10 Wise Eyes (40 mins)
11:05 Bond & Bentley (50 mins)
12:15 Pasadena

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