About Jayslow Entertainment

About Jayslow Entertainment:
Jayslow Entertainment was founded in the year 2000 by owner/operator Jayslow to help spread the local music virus.
Jayslow Entertainment has gone through many changes as the years have passed, but the goal is still the same…
“Expose the talent to the people who have yet to see it” as Jayslow says.

Jayslow Entertainment Logo
Jayslow Entertainment is the host company for the annual Maryland Independent Label Fest(M.I.L.Fest) since the event was first created in 2006. The “M.I.L.Fest” is an all day live music festival with two stages consisting of the top local Maryland artists that continues to run once a year today.

Jayslow Entertainment is a partner with 1Koast Entertainment and in 2012, added an apparel company called “Slow Thinkin”.

About Jayslow:

Jayslow(born: John Roy Slough IV, September 26 1982) is the radio host for The Tuesday Teardown with Jayslow and Jason, as well as the owner and operator of Jayslow Entertainment, Slow Thinkin apparel and the Maryland Independent Label Festival(M.I.L.Fest).

In 2000, Jayslow decided to take his passion for music and events to the next level by starting Jayslow Entertainment.
In 2005, Jayslow joined the band Inkarnit as a drummer.
In 2006, Jayslow created the first ever Maryland Independent Label Festival(M.I.L.Fest) that continues to run annually.
In 2012, Jayslow started an apparel company called Slow Thinkin Apparel
In 2013, Jayslow started a live/podcast radio show called The Tuesday Teardown with Jayslow and Jason with his long time friend Jason Emmons after being approached by Pirate Rob from DNL Entertainment and 1Koast Entertainment to start a new show on 1Koast Radio @ 1Koast.com.
In 2014, Jayslow joined Survival of the Sickest as their drummer.


Jayslow-Jayslow Entertainment
Birth name: John Roy Slough IV
Born: September 26 1982
Origin: Pasadena Maryland
Genres: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
Occupation: Musician, songwriter, Radio Host, manager
Instruments: Drums, Vocals, Piano, Keyboards
Associated: Jayslow Entertainment, Slow Thinkin Apparel, Tuseday Teardown, 1Koast, Local Music Maryland

Jayslow Entertainment M.I.L.FestSurvival of the Sickest M.I.L.FestM.I.L.Fest Survival of the Sickest


press 1
A few words from the field about Jayslow Entertainment…

When talking with Jay about the festival, you can feel his passion.”
-Dawn Lemay of Dawn of the Underground, Speakerbox Magazine.
Article found “Here“.


The MILFEST has grown and gotten bigger with a loyal following that supports the festival every year.”
-Shockwave Magazine
Article found “Here“.


M.I.L.Festival keeps getting bigger and better each year.”
-Shockwave Magazine
Article found “Here“.


Jay Slow focuses on supporting and expanding local bands and artists.”
– Shockwave Magazine
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Jayslow and their sponsors have become synonymous with some of the coolest festivals in the Baltimore area.”
-Shockwave Magazine
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