Staunton band is already leaving their mark.

Staunton Maryland

With all of the new talent hitting the scene these days, it’s hard to stand out from the rest and really make an impression. Even though they are a new band, Staunton does just that…

Staunton Maryland
I stumbled across their album entitled “Into The Black”, and I was hooked immediately. I could not find myself to skip past a single song. Each track changed it up with a different sound to enjoy, while still giving that feeling that hooks you in the first place. The sound this band delivers makes it hard to believe that they are a new group. Music is what I am most critical about, but I cannot find anything to complain about here, and I am sure that this is one local band that will not remain local for long. Staunton could soon be a household band name.







You can find more about Staunton on their Facebook Page by clicking “HERE“, or check out some music at

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